Bully Pushes Would-Be Victim Too Far, Finds Out The Meaning Of Instant Regret (video)

Updated December 4, 2017

Bullying is all too common these days. Or maybe it’s always been an issue but due to the tragic ending to some bullying cases, the media has started to shed more light on the problem. Unfortunately, it starts from the time children first enter school and it can last well into adulthood. We’ve all had that bully of a boss who has made our professional life horrible.

Sometimes, when people get bullied for one minute too long, they end up snapping. This happens when we can’t take the drama any longer and we end up letting the other person know exactly how we feel. Sometimes this happens with words, and other times it turns into a physical altercation.

When one school-aged girl was sick and tired of being bullied, she lashed out at her antagonist and decided to take matters into her own hands. In a video that could possibly be a PSA for an anti-bullying campaign, the bullying victim (in the white shirt) can be seen letting all her anger out on the girl who had been harassing her all this time. Evidently, she snapped and she can be heard saying, “Don’t you bully me anymore,” as other students gather around and cheer her on.

And then it happens…the camera captures the moment that will put a stop to the bullying forever…the girl who is getting pummeled has peed her pants. The entire back of her jeans appears to be drenched it what looks like pee.

Yikes! Talk about karma. Not only did this girl get put in her place after bullying for so long, but she had some major embarrassment to go along with it.

Maybe, just maybe this video should be shown in schools to teach bullies that they don’t know what they are dealing with and their victims can snap at any minute. Surely, that would deter anyone from ever wanting to poke fun at another person.

The girl that stood up for herself in this video is teaching other bullies a lesson and bullies tend to go after those who they think are weak, but this girl proved that she wasn’t weak at all and literally scared the pee out of the bully.

Commenters shared their thoughts on the video and cheered the girl on…

“Bullies prey on who they think are weak and easy hurt….when enough is enough, you go for the jugular!!! Not only will she never bother you again, now she’ll know she’ll get her butt kicked by anyone else she tries it on!!! Now someone should leave a box of pull-ups on her desk!!! Lol.”

“What great ending to a bad story I just wish she would have ended up with 2 hands full hair. I am proud of that girl I work at the schools and I see a lot of bullying and it’s always nice to see a happy ending like this.”

This isn’t the first time this has happened and it’s certainly not the last. Bullies will bully and continue to get put in their places.