Rescuers Stunned By Massive Bulge In Snake, Cut It Open To See What It Is (video)

Updated December 14, 2017

Have you ever been in a situation where you ate way more than you should have? It doesn’t feel that good to be overstuffed. Let me tell you. Last month, I went on a cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate my wife and my wedding anniversary. If you’ve never been on a cruise, you should try to go because the food on board the ship is wonderful. It’s all you can eat. To take full advantage my wife and I started ordering entrees or appetizers. That means we got lobster tail and steak instead of a salad or soup. It was wonderful.

I say all this to say that sometimes we eat more than we should. But in the video below, a 20-foot python ate so much it didn’t just struggle to digest its meal. The meal was so big it almost killed the snake.

The video shows the massive snake trying to swallow a bull calf that is much too big for it. Although the snake is huge, the meal it chose was just so big that it nearly killed it.

Reportedly, this incident happened in a forest of Gir in Junagarh, India. The massive python swallowed the blue bull calf and then proceeded to try to digest it. But instead, the meal almost killed the snake.

The snake in the video is a 20-foot long Indian rock python. And it tried to eat a meal that weighed more than itself. Imagine if a 200-pound man tried to eat more food than he weighed. I don’t think he would feel so good after that.

Not long after the snake had swallowed its massive meal, it rested in a field as it struggled to digest it. That’s when a farmer happened upon it and witnessed the extreme situation. The snake could not move at all from its vulnerable position.

After the farmer told other neighbors about the snake, they came over to watch it try to digest the blue bull calf. More and more people started gathering, and soon the snake had become a sideshow act.

Because the snake seemed to be threatened by the people who had gathered, animal rescue workers transported the snake to a safer place where it could try to digest its huge meal in peace.

“We are keeping the beast under observation. Once it manages to digest the blue bull, we will release it deep inside the jungle,” said an officer, according to the YouTube video description.

Unfortunately, the snake did not survive its last meal. The bull calf was just too big for it to digest and the snake apparently died from complications involving its decision to bite off more than it could chew.

This story can serve as a reminder that biting off more than you can chew can actually kill you.

Take a few moments to watch the quick clip and see this large snake try to devour its massive prey. You’ll be astounded to see how bloated it has become.

What is your reaction to this shocking clip?